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TRAK Kayaks


  • International media relations to support Kickstarter product launch
  • Secured coverage across industry & consumer outlets
  • Featured in more than 30 outlets including Forbes Magazine, Outside Magazine, Cool Things, New Atlas, Men’s Gear, The Awesomer, Gear Junkie, Digital Trends, Paddle Guru, Unsponsored, Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Paddle World Magazine, etc.
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“The experience of working with Kristen at WILD PR was intense and fun. We had a particular need to support a flagship crowdfunding project, and Kristen worked with me collaboratively on the strategy, and then got to work. We received more than 30 pieces of critical press coverage that complemented our story and helped us succeed “wildly” in our campaign. Being someone who has been an avid adventure traveller, and who loves and pursues the outdoors was an asset in how she engaged the assignment with TRAK. She is professional, strategic, and very conscientious in how she approaches her craft.”

— Nolin, Founder & Managing Director, TRAK Kayaks