Wild PR

Spinning your wheels trying to keep up with all the ways public relations has evolved over the years?

(And pretty much convinced you’re falling behind?)

award winning pr company

We’ll help you create a strategy to connect with your ideal audience and actually generate buzz – without piling any extra work on your already-full plate.

It’s time for a modern-era approach to build (and sustain) a positive & powerful public profile — but when it comes right down to it … you’re not actually sure how to navigate doing that. 


In fact, some days you’re not even sure what public relations is anymore.

What it’s not? Head-in-the-clouds brainstorming with zero regard for budgets.

What it’s also not: a simple post-and-hope outdated media relations song and dance that lacks rhythm, finesse, or strategy for real connection.

(You know: the ol’ throwing a press release on the wire and hoping someone sees it … orrrrrr sending out mass media pitches that put more emphasis on volume than value)

And it’s definitely not sending unsolicited samplings of your product to a random smattering of social media influencers and media contacts, fingers-crossed they see the value in sharing it with their audience.

Here at WILD, boutique agency

doesn’t mean we play small.

We work with clients all over the map — from international brands to local businesses — to create impact and connection in Canadian & North American markets.

We’ll help you create genuine connections with your audience by engaging media and developing partnerships with influencers that actually build traction for your brand.

We’ll help you …

Craft REAL connections with your audience

Engage strategic media outlets & contacts to generate business by drawing meaningful, impactful attention to your business & brand.

Land influencer partnerships that grow your brand relationships & stretch your reach.

Work with WILD

Your people want to know you understand them. 

They want offers, opportunities, & products that support their life.

That’s where we come in: 



Quit guessing at what works—let us help you put a sustainable plan in place to make real progress toward your big goals.



We’ve been doing this for a long time, which means we’ve gotten dang good at it. Let us take a few things off your plate to keep you focused on what you do best.



When we work with your brand, we take it personally. We’ve got skin in the game and genuinely enjoy helping our clients succeed.


As a proud female-owned & operated business, our team has more than three decades of experience across all major markets in Canada and beyond. We’re senior-level public relations practitioners with corporate, non-profit, and agency experience building out our portfolio.


Once we get familiar with your brand and learn more about your goals, we can develop a PR strategy to engage media for feature placement,  incorporate influencer partnerships, and host events your audience actually wants to pay attention to.


WILD Public Relations

A proven path for your public relations strategy

in 3 simple steps 


the stories people care about.

Brainstorming the perfect content campaign, thought leadership, and market positioning is tough when you’re too close to the product. Let us help you shake things up, get creative, and develop a campaign that engages your audience and helps build a powerful brand presence & reputation.


with the right audience.

PR may be evolving, but traditional media pitches and placements aren’t going anywhere. Plus, major brands are seeing the value in tapping everyday influencers to help them connect with their audiences—we’ll help you strike the right balance and develop solid relationships to promote your offers.


your reputation.

There’s nothing quite like momentum in this business—we’ll help you move in the direction of your goals by developing sustainable strategies and practices that keep your brand top of mind with influencers, media, and most importantly, your audience.

When we were cutting back due to COVID, I told my head office they could cut anywhere they wanted as long as I got to keep WILD.

Good PR is about partnership — it’s about understanding a brand. Not only does WILD do a great job at understanding who we are, they understand who we want to be. They are amazing at telling the story in a way that connects with people. Like, it’s not like it’s just out there for you to see, but it’s out there for you to feel, too.

Alexandra Velosa | Marketing Director, Southcentre Mall
WILD PR will help you create genuine connections with your audience by engaging media and developing partnerships with influencers that actually build traction for your brand.