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strategic storytellers

& precision connectors, helping audiences relate to brands—and vice versa.

Connection is bred from authenticity—something that out-of-touch sales, advertising, and marketing can often interrupt.


We help you make targeted efforts to reach your audience, supplementing your other strategies by stirring up genuine human interest.



PR Strategy 

Before rubber meets the road, it’s important to have a plan in place to most effectively shape perception and attract attention to your business. Let us help you map out the plan with a thoughtful, strategic approach to public relations.

We know which tactics to employ, how to access your key demographics, which media platforms and mediums to pursue, and most importantly, how to relay your message in a compelling way that will grab attention and stop your audience mid-scroll.

We’ll align with your marketing strategy to ensure cohesiveness in what goes out to market, and we keep your business goals and our set KPI’s front of mind in everything we do. This is a no fluff zone. Everything is approached to drive results.

Campaign Development

We develop powerful campaigns to grow your business, connect with your audience, and shape the perception of your brand — and we can do it with just about any type of budget. We know that every dollar counts — especially when there are infinite areas of PR you can spend it on. 

Whether you are looking to engage a hyper-local audience or build buzz nationally, we generate and execute exciting ideas and bring your brand to life in an authentic and powerful way.


Media Relations

We are master storytellers and we think outside the traditional media relations box: How can we get media to care? Who is working on what, when? Whose hands can we get product into, so it stands top of mind? What is happening in the world that we can topically tap into?

We work hard to develop strong relationships with our extensive network of media connections. We’ve identified what captures their attention, earned their trust and built a reputation for pitches that have relevant value.

We also help our clients prep ahead of interviews, so you feel confident going into any media setting. We develop talking points, so messaging is cohesive across all interviews.


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Influencer Marketing

We don’t do surface-level influencer marketing — we value real, authentic connections with social entrepreneurs who’ve built and cultivated an engaged audience. Plus, we vet hard: ​​we don’t accept vanity metrics.

We aggressively audit each influencer and do our homework to negotiate on behalf of our clients. We get into the nitty-gritty and look at values alignment, ensuring the partnership is positive and mutually beneficial. Working with influencers will enable you to magnify your brand, build credibility and get your content in front of a community that aligns with your objectives.

We will help you select and execute the right approach to integrating influencers into your PR strategy, whether it be through product sampling, paid partnerships, enabling whitelisting, or an always-on ambassador program.


We consider the small touches that make an event shareable even before it takes place and leave a lasting impression long after it’s over.

We think creatively to make every event memorable, from an invitation that gets social chatter buzzing, to having an impactful guest list, to generating meaningful awareness through both social and traditional media channels.

WILD knows who needs to be there, who will take interest and actually share about it, plus who offers cache and authority to an event just by attending. We also source and negotiate with vendors, conceptualizing inviting spaces and thoughtful event flows, and we know how to leverage experiential moments that will spark conversation.


Strategic Communications Consultation

They say the key to a healthy relationship is good communication and we couldn’t agree more. Effective communication doesn’t happen by accident so let us be your guide. WILD knows how essential it is for your stakeholders to have a clear vision and understanding of your business: who you are, where you are at today and where you are headed tomorrow.

How you communicate has a ripple effect on everything from talent and client acquisition and retention to brand loyalty and engagement across the board. We identify and implement powerful communications strategies by translating what you have to say in a way that resonates with intended audiences and brings every moving piece together cohesively.

You’ve got more important things to do—wait, scratch that.

Your PR strategy is too important to be left up in the air.

(And, you’ve got other pressing things that need your attention.)


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WILD PR will help you create genuine connections with your audience by engaging media and developing partnerships with influencers that actually build traction for your brand.