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WILD portfolio

We thrive when we’re an integrated and essential part of running a successful campaign and developing a powerful public profile. 

WILD isn’t just about checking boxes and doing what’s expected— we go above and beyond for our clients to get results we can all be proud of.


While we’re here, we might as well clarify –

the lines get fuzzy between the hat-trick of publicity, but when it comes to public relations, marketing, and advertising, here’s how we distinguish between the three:

Public Relations

Public Relations is all about persuading an intended audience via earned methods. 

Whether it’s via traditional media, social media, owned channels, or other credible outlets, we communicate with audiences organically through trusted, unpaid, authoritative sources. PR is typically the most organic (and thereby most trustworthy) approach to drive sales by first cultivating a positive reputation inthe market.


Advertising is content you pay for to get your messages out to consumers and encourage them to take a specific action. 

Ads are placed on a property or medium other than your own (i.e. Newspaper, TV, Billboard, Website, social media, etc.) employing an openly sponsored message to promote or sell a product, service, or idea—while effective, ads often come with skepticism from your audience.


Marketing is the big idea that PR and Advertising often overlap. 

Marketing includes a number of tactics including owned social media content, email marketing, point of sale displays, brand strategy and positioning, direct mail marketing, SEO optimization, website development, and more—most of which are focused on driving sales for your business.

WILD’s the type of partner you want supporting your business, because it’s not just contractual, it’s not just a business thing.

It all starts with who you’re working with and that spirit of partnership. The team at WILD gets involved in the brand, they understand the brand and they genuinely want to over deliver—when you’re a small company looking for results more than your budget, that’s the type of partner you wanna bring on.

The same goes for them, for a small agency, they really punch above their weight.

Bill Lange | General Manager, North America Sproud

WILD PR will help you create genuine connections with your audience by engaging media and developing partnerships with influencers that actually build traction for your brand.