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After WILD supported the very successful launch of Urban Fare in the Calgary market, Ocean Brands, a sister company under the Pattison Group umbrella, engaged WILD to support multiple campaigns including announcing the receipt of a highly coveted B-Corp designation, the celebration of their 100th anniversary, a partnership with global sustainability organization Cleanhub, the announcement of multiple acquisitions and the addition of MSC certification for their light tuna.


  • Worked with C-suite leadership team including Ocean Brands President Ian Ricketts, Vice President Nola Martin, and CEO, Chairman and sole owner of the Jim Pattison Group, Jim Pattison
  • Secured coverage from industry trade and consumer publications including feature stories with BNN, The Globe & Mail, CTV News, the Vancouver Sun and Strategy Magazine
  • Conceptualized, developed, and executed a national mail-out campaign with customized product packages which incorporated key messaging and highly visual ‘unboxing’ appeal
  • Achieved 86% posting rate from the packages generating more than 64 unique social media posts and initiated ongoing conversations about Ocean’s Tuna and its commitment to sustainability between influencers and their engaged followers

Featured Coverage

“I was surprised at the level of support this B-Corp news received and am very very impressed with how you and your team handled all the requests and organization. This campaign has exceeded my expectations, and I’m looking forward to our next PR campaign together.”

Ian Ricketts | President, Ocean Brands
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